BACKCommercial Drone Solutions for Construction

Airware's drone solutions include cloud-based survey planning, commercial operator software, vehicles with sophisticated autonomy and on-board sensors, cloud data processing, analytics, and reporting, all within a workflow that enables companies to integrate aerial data into their existing business processes and systems.

Plan drone flights, capture high-quality aerial data, analyze it, and create detailed, survey-grade site maps of up to 1,000 acres per day, per drone, for immediate and exact pre-site inspections and monitoring of construction sites.

Monitor earthmoving projects: use drone data for construction projects to get topographic surveys and track progress instantly and increase overall productivity. Integrate your project data to perform comparisons and access powerful analytics on a single platform

Data that speaks volumes about your site: realize the benefits of potentially 100X more data and 5X faster turnaround on data analytics over conventional survey methods. Discover Z accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in), which is as accurate as survey-grade GNSS. Get an in-depth knowledge of your projects on a daily basis with a complete set of analytics including automated computations of cut and fills and automatic detection of embankment slopes and breaklines.



Monitor construction projects to increase productivity

  • Detect breaklines and check embankment slopes
  • Perform cut/fill differences
  • Automatically compute stockpile volumes


Stay on time and under budget

  • Avoid delays
  • Compare plans to as-built
  • Maintain regulatory compliance


Interact from a single online interface

  • Access the platform with a simple internet connection
  • Grant user-specific permissions
  • Annotate, comment and share with all your co-workers and stakeholders
Commercial Drone Solution for Site Management