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Powered by Trimble RTX technology, Trimble xFill provides seamless, centimeter-level back-up corrections via satellite if RTK or VRS signal source is interrupted. Trimble xFill leverages real-time data from a global tracking station network along with innovative positioning and compression algorithms to compute and relay satellite orbit, satellite clock, and other systems adjustments to the receiver, resulting in the real time high accuracy positions. These adjustments are transmitted to the receiver via satellite (where coverage is available). When turned on, the receiver tracks the RTX (L-band) satellite as well as every satellite in its field of view including, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and QZSS satellite constellations. From the L-band satellite, you will receive the RTX real time correction stream that allows you to calculate your position to high accuracies, without the need of a base station. 


Features and benefits

  • More Uptime: Continue working through signal outages with centimeter-level accuracy using Trimble xFill, minimizing work delays and improving in-field productivity
  • Standard xFill: Free for the first 5-20 minutes (application dependent) after the loss of an RTK correction source on all compatible devices
  • Enhanced xFill: Works indefinitely on the Trimble R10 GNSS System, Trimble NetR9 Geospatial receiver and Trimble R9s GNSS receiver with a CenterPoint® RTX subscription
  • xFill Premium: Works indefinitely on the Trimble AG-372 and Trimble TMX-2050 display with an xFill Premium subscription



  • Agriculture
  • Survey
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Construction and Site Positioning
  • Land Administration
  • Mining
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical
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