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Winter Machine Service

  • Verify machine measure-up with customer cab kit.
  • Save/reconcile machine settings to ensure MCH file compatibility among all control boxes.*
  • Work closely with customer to clean all TAG files and old designs.
  • Update all serial bus devices (AS450s, AS400s, radios, etc.) to latest allowable version of firmware.
  • Visual inspection of wire; quick clean-up if needed.

$450 per machine
$350 per machine (4 + machines at the same location)

*If reconciliation is not possible, a quote to re-measure each machine will be provided; OR a quote for reinstatement and an extended warranty to update all control boxes to v1.28 (maximum). 
Please note: Due to cold temperatures, we will not tune hydraulics during winter months!

California Residents: Pricing does not include sales tax.



Full Overhaul SPS/RTS Series Total Station:

  • Clean instrument and case.
  • Clean and lubricate telescopic eyepiece, focus ring, and tribrach.
  • Test Face II panel.
  • Test radio for long range or data collector radio.
  • Test unit on baselines to specifications of model.
  • Check reticle alignment.
  • Calibrate optical and electronic EDM, camera, tracker, and tilt sensor.
  • Calibrate H/V angle and servo motors.
  • Perform optical and mechanical adjustments, including optical plumb.
  • Update firmware to latest version.

$1,250 per station



  • Clean instrument and case.
  • Calibrate instrument.
  • Test on alignment range to model specifications.

Flat Lasers: $150

Slope Lasers: $175

Pipe Lasers: $185

Optical Levels: $100

Theodolites: $195

*Calibration and cleaning of unit only. Does not include replacement parts, control unit, external radio, target, etc.

Any repair parts and all necessary labor will be quoted at a 10% discount off list price and standard labor rates.

Terms and Conditions

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs to SITECH Oregon/SITECH Norcal. All pricing excludes any necessary repair parts including: mounting bracket, carry handle, bracket clamp, random assembly (white receiver cover/upper housing). If any parts not included in the price are found to be in need of replacment during the service, customer will be notified immediately and a quote will be supplied before proceeding.  

To learn more about Winter Service specials, please contact us.


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